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Product Description

“High Protein, Unique Taste”

Lemon and coconut combined in Zbarz to add energy to your day. Discover a high-fiber and prebiotic meal experience with Power Protein Lemon Coconut Bar, which helps you to speed up your metabolism and stay in shape, as well as help you compensate for your daily protein needs with a 15% protein ratio!

Lemon helps strengthen your immunity by being a rich source of vitamin C. By courtesy of its antioxidant properties, it creates a detox effect on your body.

Coconut, which stands out with its taste, contains a high level of vitamin E, helping to balance your cholesterol levels and strengthen your immune system.


Coconuts (%30,5), date juice concentrate, whey protein concentrate (dairy product) (%20,44), milk protein concentrate (dairy product) (%7), lemon juice concentrate (%6,1), Chicory root fiber (inulin), Humectant (Gylcerol).

Allergen Warning

Allergen written in bold. May contain traces of soy, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, sesame and egg products.

Made in Turkey.

Product Content

Whey Protein