Z Cash

What is ZCash?

ZCash is a reward system designed to do a little treat for members who enjoy Zbarz products. One ZCash is arranged as 1 TL.

How to win?

ZCash can be earned at the time of our members’ product purchases.

In addition, at certain time intervals; It is given as a prize at events organized by Zbarz.

From the ZCash reward system; Only our members can benefit.

The percentages of earning ZCash in seasonal campaigns may vary!


How to use it?

Earned coins are automatically deducted from the order amount on your next purchase. In this way; Your ZCash does not accumulate, and you do not have to follow it.


What is the validity period?

The expiry date of the earned ZCash is 31.12.2021. Therefore, any ZCash balances not used up to this time will be reset.