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Product Description

High protein, Uniq taste

Energized to your day with coconut and lemon.

Get energized and start the pleasant days during your busy days with the marvelous combination of real chocolate and coconut!

Keep your energy up with %25 power protein bar.



Mixed pack of 12 protein bars (3×4)

4x Power Protein Coconut – Cacao (35g)
4x Power Protein Coconut – Lemon (35g)
4x Power Protein Peanut (35g)


Ürün Detaylarını İncelemek İçin;
Power Protein Coconut – Cacao (35g)
Power Protein Coconut – Lemon (35g)
Power Protein Peanut (35g)



Mixed package. You can visit detailed pages of products for product contents above.

Allergen Warning

Made in Turkey.

Product Content

Whey Protein